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JADOCOM believes that your value is the core of your domain. Do you really need a VOIP expert to be on a permanent role within your enterprise? Think about the costs of this training expert. Think about the time shift. Is it really worth it?
Instead, we offer the services of our support center to take care of your infrastructure. This will give your eenterprise the freedom to concentrate and excel on what you do best.
We have different plans that fit the need of your enterprise based on your requirements. These plans have various service level agreements (SLAs).

Monitoring and Troubleshooting:

Via a secure connection hosted in France, we will monitor the status of your critical equipment. Our experts are available 24/7 and will take the first actions to rectify your infrastructure.
You will know if anything fails before your users do, and make sure to take the proper actions.

Support Level 3:

In the event of you having any concerns while managing your infrastructure, our dedicated engineers will assist you by providing prompt and efficient level 3 support to any of your advanced questions without going through different and lengthy escalation phases.
We will directly provide you with the most experienced engineers who can troubleshoot and provide the solution to your concerns without giving you the usual runaround and/or wasting your precious time. Our company’s management made sure that our clients will not go through escalation phases and will not wait to receive the expert technical support. As we live in the fast moving world, we save time and cut expenses by directly offering a level 3 support.

Support Level 1:

For the usual daily tasks, our level 1 support are ready to assist you on how to add a user, modify a phone number, add a VLAN, and other common questions.