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In-House Resourcing

Do you have a project that you like to complete within your enterprise and you need a temporary expert?  JADOCOM will locate the needed expert for you.
Being an expert in our domain, we are able to handpick the best resource for your organisation. Our resources are chosen based on their positive attitude, proven experience and high level skills and we give priority to an expert whom we have a proven project history with. Before we put you into relation with an expert:

  • The expert will be tested in relation to the needed technology
  • The expert will be working for us internally for a few days so that we can check his ability before starting the real critical project
  • In the entire the duration of the project, the expert will be coached and a weekly follow up will ensure that the delivered service is what our client expects.


JADOCOM has a pool of experienced freelancers whom we have worked with in the past years. Those are some of the best freelance experts worldwide. We will be your Local interface and we will ensure that your project has been designed as you as expected.

We also provide the following facilities:

  • Project follow up
  • Project execution as desired
  • Project management
  • Secured local payment within your country (France and Germany)

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